Lease Acquisitions

If you receive rent from a cell tower or rooftop antennas on your property, let us maximise your asset. Our premier ground and rooftop lease acquisitions division offers the most competitive prices for cell site buyout transactions in the industry.

Our team is comprised of industry veterans, who possess extensive experience creating financial solutions tailored for your specific requirements and pride themselves on their unmatched commitment to customer service and deriving maximum value for cell site owners. To date, we have completed over $1 billion in ground and rooftop lease acquisitions across New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., and Canada.

Rooftop Wireless Site

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What We Do

We acquire the property interests that underlie the cellular site. We help individuals, corporations, councils, and organisations monetise their wireless ground and rooftop leases by providing a lump-sum payment for their cellular lease in exchange for the future rent paid by tenants at the site.

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Why Should You Sell

Time is right icon

The Time is Right

With the recent rollout of 5G technology, the demand for cell sites is greater than ever before. Not only is now a great time to sell, while lease values are high, but ATC New Zealand is also best capitalised to provide some of the most competitive payouts in the industry.

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Immediate Capital Puts You in Control

What would you be able to do if you received a large infusion of cash today—start or expand your business, send your kids to university, pay off debt? A lump-sum payout for your lease can make all that possible!

Investing the cash proceeds from the sale of your lease can often provide significantly stronger growth over the next 10, 20, or 30 years, compared to the cumulative annual rent over that same period.

Minimize risk icon

Minimize Risk

As the wireless strategies of telecom network operators continue to change and evolve, the risk of a lease cancellation and tower decommissioning is always present. A cell site buyout allows you to pass this risk onto us and secure your payment before it’s too late.

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No Change to Operation of Site

When there is a cell site buyout there is no change to how things operate. The carrier will continue to maintain and operate the site as per the lease.

Our Advantages

Source of Capital

All ATC New Zealand acquisitions are self-funded. Our strong balance sheet and significant capital resources allow us to tailor transactions to meet your needs.

Pricing Power

We have the purchasing power to match or beat any offer you receive for the purchase of your lease. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to customise offers to generate the best outcome for you.

Straightforward Close

We provide a simple and straightforward closing process. Our dedicated team of transaction managers and legal staff will guide you through every step of the transaction—ensuring you are fully informed from start to finish.

Our Process in Three Simple Steps

Step 1 - Lease Review Appraisal

If your site meets our criteria, our team will review your lease terms and conditions to determine the market value of your lease. Even if you aren’t ready to sell at the moment, knowing the true value of your lease will provide you the information necessary to feel empowered in your decision-making.

Step 2 - Custom Proposal Proposal

Should you be interested in selling; our team will provide you with a tailored recommendation to get the most value from your lease and fit your unique needs.

Step 3 - Finalize Your Transfer Finalize

Our team will handle the due-diligence process—all you need to do is review the transaction documents and collect your payout.

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